Batch cooking according
to ILVE: your time is valuable

A programme of recipes and tips to plan your weekly meals.

You can organise the shopping, choose the best ingredients, and avoid wasting time and resources by preparing the dishes for the whole week in one day.

Arrange the ingredients, select the tools, carefully follow the instructions without curbing your creativity

Meld je aan voor het programma om elke week een nieuw menu te ontvangen, je planning te stroomlijnen en verspilling te verminderen dankzij batch cooking.

Star Column

One element, endless possibilities

Follow the seasons

Using ever fresh products and extending their natural shelf life fivefold is one of the guaranteed advantages of the Star Column. In fact, the blast chiller and vacuum machine allow you to preserve products and preparations, leaving their nutrients, flavour and appearance unchanged. Buy top quality produce today and eat it at different times, as if time had stopped.

Preserve quality and wholesomeness

The Sous-Vide Chef program of the Star Column maintains the organoleptic qualities of food intact, guarantees its integrity and flavour, while avoiding loss in weight due to evaporation: your dishes will be exactly as you imagined them.

Saving with taste

Thanks to the possibility of storing seasonal produce for a long time, you avert the risk of waste or being forced to eat something before it goes off and above all, you can buy the ingredients when they are in their prime. Quality and savings go hand in hand and your gourmet dishes will be prizeworthy.

Starred batch cooking

All the meals of the week cooked in one day by planning the shopping properly and organising the prepping and cooking to a tee: all the advantages of batch cooking are enhanced thanks to the technology of the Star Column, which can completely change your food routine into a weekly menu worthy of professional haute cuisine.
Simplify to improve; save to excel. All in one solution.

Technology that furnishes and blends in with your decor, your spaces, your style